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How much will maintenance cost me?

Our maintenance charges are calculated on an hourly rate or £49.99. Whenever we get a new support request, we keep time on how long it takes, and then invoice you accordingly.
If we see that the changes requested are very big, a we will quote you first before proceeding.
We provide a releaxed easy and very quick service. Either pick up the phone, or you can email us at Support@WebsiteHelpdesk.co.uk. You can reach us on 0208 180 8670. We also have a live chat option for a super fast response.

New Clients

Note: If you have an existing website that was not done by us, we will need the following FTP details from you to be able to do maintenance on your website: • FTP address (will be something like ftp.yourwebsiteaddress.co.uk for example)
• FTP username
• FTP password
If you have an existing content management system, be sure to send the relevant usernames and passwords through as well - also the link to the admin login for your CMS.

We may also require you cPanel or hosting login to make database changes etc..

A few guidelines when submitting changes

Here are a few pointers when submitting changes for your website:
• It's a good idea to have the changes be in a Word Document, with all the formatting, paragraphs, spacing and images that you want on your website - one Word Document per page. Or you can just send us an email in a nice numbered format.
• Also give us the full URL of the page you are requesting the changes on - if your website has hundreds of pages, it can take quite a while to search through the whole site for that specific page - that searching will also be included in the time it took to make your changes.
• We prefer too big images than too small - small images cannot be made bigger (well, they can, but you'll regret it, as they look horrible!) - rather send in bigger images - we will resize them for you.
• Remember, we are professional web designers and tehcnical engineers, however we hope to build a rapport with you and understand your website. Therefore we usually have the same web technician handle your website as they would be familair with your website which saves time and money.

When requesting changes to be made to your website, be as clear and specific as possible - this also saves time and money!
If you follow these guidelines when requesting us to make changes to your website, it should be a smooth and effortless process, you just tell us what you need and it will be done!